Installation Guide

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Look at where you’re going to put your POPOUT!

A clean, dry and smooth surface is ideal. Eg: Smooth painted dry walls, glass, metal and sealed smooth walls. (NOT repellant paints with teflon or similar additives).

Your POPOUT won’t stick to Bricks, Textured Walls and Porous materials.

Note: Freshly painted walls should be left 30 days before you stick your POPOUT up.

Step 2: Prep your POPOUT for installation…

For your full size POPOUT a second set of hands will really come in handy

Step 3: Measure twice. Stick once.

I’m repositionable, so don’t worry, don’t be shy to use a tape measure to check the area and location for your POPOUT.

Mark where you want it to go with our removable installation tabs.

Step 4: Lay your POPOUT flat on the floor

I might need some time to flatten out (allow 1 hour).

When you’re ready, start at the top. Slowly peel me from the backing and apply me to your wall. If you make a mistake, just peel me off and repeat this step.

Once I’m in the right spot, smooth me out with the squeegee supplied.

Start in the middle and work towards the edges.

Step 5: Sit back and enjoy your new POPOUT!